Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dilettansia's Publishing Hotties of 2007

In response to Gawker's prejudiced "Publishing Hotties Contest," I have decided to post my favorite hotties from my place of employment, since they were shafted in Gawker's contest. I'd like to emphasize that this is not a competition, and that these men come from both the editorial and publicity departments of my house. I was stunned when I learned that my submissions to the contest would not be considered since they came from the publicity department. I believe the name of the contest was "Publishing Hotties," not "Editorial Only Publishing Hotties."

Although I do agree that Tim O'Connell (who was a runner-up in the Gawker contest, and taken by a hot lady of publishing) is one hot piece of publishing ass, those other boys don't even register on my radar. So, ladies (and gentleman) for your viewing pleasure, are some lovely boys from my neck of the woods. Aren't you jealous that I get to stare at these beauts all day? I know you are.

Charles works in editorial and has been called the heart-throb of straight men in publishing. Unfortuantely, he's taken. He's also from Georgia (represent), and I do declare, they just don't make men like this up here in Yankee town.

Jim, also editorial (but soon to be leaving publishing altogether) is a gorgeous Aussie with a heart of gold. But watch out, ladies, this man will turn on the charm and you're a goner.

Steve, who works in publicity, hails from Philly. If you're a lady with an unhealthy fascination for David Lynch and look vaguely like Audrey Horne, it's in the bag. Steve's the star of the softball team, and has also been known to catalog photo art for memoirs of a certain washed-up 90s rock star like no one else.

And finally, Brian, also in publicity, who refused to let me post a photo of him claiming he was unphotogenic. I wanted to take a picture of him reading Thomas Bernhard, smoking a cig and drinking an iced coffee at his desk, but alas, no. Brian did make it on to the comments section of the Gawker contest, so cheers to that (pink india ink!).

So, GAWKER, put that in your pipe and smoke it.


kat said...

Agh, can you believe that "editorial only" garbage? My managing editor boyfriend got shafted in the contest too. Even after I submitted a photo of him holding a puppy; I mean, COME ON. Emily Gould is clearly a stone-hearted ho-bag.

Snobber said...

Oh man! Would you like to add him to Dilettansia's publishing hotties? A puppy?? C'mon, Gawker. That's ridiculous.

What's even more ridiculous is that Brian would not give me a photo of himself and instead I had to use one of Thomas Bernhard.