Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Friday, and I Have an Addiction

I'm currently trying to distract myself from endless clicks of the mouse that will fire more bullets into the already decimated mess that is my checking account. These are making it very difficult. I have a love/hate relationship with American Apparel. I love their clothes and I live in their leggings. But before I had a real job I interviewed there, and they forced me to model a silver tube top without a bra. (Ok, I admit it, the modeling-delusion in me sort of had fun).

The fact of the matter is I cannot afford to buy clothes right now.

No, no, no, no.


I will instead focus on my mission against cultural procrasination.

1. Last night I went to the kick off of the FSG Reading Series, hosted by my lovely friend Gena and our editor Lorin, at the Russian Samovar. Click here for more info. Sam Lipsyte and Richard Price read, and it was packed! The Russian Samovar infuses their own vodka. I had the pomegrante, which I highly recommend. The Peach was also a hit. We spotted Zadie Smith, who is even more beautiful in person. In fact, she literally glows.

2. Tonight I'm off to my friend WMC's The PAGE Series reading in tribute to Donald Barthelme. Featured readers include: Ed Hirsch, Donald Antrim, and Ted Mooney. 7pm, The National Arts Club. Free and open to the public!

3. Sometime this weekend I MUST see this movie. It is essential to this weekend. In fact, my weekend will not be COMPLETE until I have seen this film.

4. Also, I have to see There Will Be Blood.

5. And finally, on Tuesday I'll mosey over to The Sartorialist's opening at Danziger Projects, which Joanna pointed out on her fabulous blog this morning.

Hopefully, if my weekend is filled with enough kultur, I can avoid purchasing these:


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Mary-Laure said...

Oh, the picture from the film Clueless! I so adore that movie; I watch the DVD when I'm down and in need of some instant fun.
As for American Apparel, I love their stuff and own the leotard in the pics (I'm a dancer and swear by their stuff).
There's an article about their brave immigration-related ad campaign in today's NY Times