Monday, July 06, 2009

Kissing Dead Girls

Ladies and Ghouls, I'm pleased to announce my new column on the paranormal appearing monthly on Bookslut, a "Ladies' Night in the X-Files," if you will. The first piece is on Stephenie Meyer's first installation of the Twilight series. I hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to know what you think!

Also: RIP to the King of Pop.


Christina said...

I was reading your post really quickly and I saw the word "Twilight" and though, NO, NOOO, surely not, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Anyways, so now I'm relieved - loved your column. "Deflowered".. *chuckle*

Mike said...

Hi Jessica!

Just read your column at Bookslut and tracked you down (no, I'm not watching you in your sleep). I think you've got a great point about the Buffy/Bella split!

Anyway, I know you have NO IDEA who I am, but I'm getting an MFA in kids' lit at the New School and I wrote up some thoughts on the Twilight YA/Mormonism angle mostly because I think the media's been pretty reductive about it (not that you were! But I thought you might appreciate the perspective.)

Can't wait to read more of your column at Bookslut! Great work and good luck!