Friday, November 13, 2009


Dear all,

I'm so pleased (and relieved) to finally launch the debut issue of my literary magazine, CANDOR.

It's been a while in the making, but on our website you will find:

- An interview with Sarah Manguso and Rachel Zucker about Writing and Motherhood
- A conversation between Emily Gould and Marisa Meltzer
- Fiction by Lisa Locascio
- Nonfiction by Atossa Abrahamian
- Fiction by Shashi Bhat
- Fiction by Kate Axelrod
- An Essay by Adrian Quinlan
- A book review by Mina Kimes

Many thanks to all my contributors. The call for submissions is back on, and will close at the end of February. Happy Reading!


casey! said...

YAY! this is marvelous! congrats, jessica. keep going.

Snobber said...

whee! thanks casey!

Madelene said...

Brilliant. I would love to submit.