Saturday, December 05, 2009

Santa Baby 2009

What yours truly wants for Christmas . . .

I'm dying for the complete series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The big box set is pretty pricey, but apparently people on EBay are selling season 1-7 separately for a deal.

Multichain necklaces and bracelets.

Or, a more dainty long gold chain, like this one from Erica Weiner.

A cast-iron casserole dish from Le Creuset or somewhere less expensive so I can make Boeuf Bourguignon.

Long Purple Leather Gloves (thanks, Prince!)

A weekend trip to Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

A lifetime supply of Falling in Love by Philosophy.

Inglourious Basterds, DVD.

More running pants, like these from Puma: spandex, this length.

A set of 15lb barbells.

If someone can find me the Orin, the necklace from The Neverending Story, then wow.

This dog.

Vintage Leather Briefcase like this one.

Anthropologie's novel scents collection.

Biography of Mary Shelley

Continuation of my New Yorker subscription.

Tickets to see Lady GAGA.


Melanie's Randomness said...

Yeaa for Buffy!! I miss that show!! If watch Target they sometimes have season packs for like 14 each!

Snobber said...

my incredible boyfriend got me the complete series!!! AHHHH there goes my social life.