Friday, February 01, 2008

Bande à part

Last night at my Criterion Collection film series, we watched Godard's Bande à Part, or Band of Outsiders.

I am really a dilettante when it comes to Godard. The only other film of his I've seen is Masculin Feminin, whose evil female leads really upset my feminist sensibilities. I had the same issue last night as I watched Franz and Albert beat up on poor Odile, played by the superb Anna Karina. My friend A., the movie buff, emphasized that all of Godard's characters are stereotypes, blown up and out of proportion to subvert and fragment assumed attitudes about human relationships and cinema in general. Well, Godard, I think it's working. The movie left me feeling unsettled and frankly, a little offended.

What do you think, readers? Is Godard a complete misogynist?

I haven't given up on him, of course. The scene in the subway when Anna Karina sings that song, and obviously the dance scene in the bar have redeemed him this time.


Thomas said...

The dance scene alone is reason to own the movie. It makes me glad I have eyes every time I see it.

As for whether he was a misogynist - he was French living in the 60's.

Snobber said...


The dance scene is pretty rad.

This is true. I suppose even women were misogynists back then. Oh wait, they still are.

I like your blog. Thanks for reading.