Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twins. Hot.

Kudos to Rebecca Mead for her profile of the Dickman twins in this week's New Yorker. Matthew and Michael Dickman are identical twins, and they're both poets. I hadn't realized I had read one of Matthew's poems, Trouble, earlier in the magazine, and liked it very much. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be an identical twin, for one thing, on top of trying to make it in the same profession as your sibling. This piece has some really interesting moments, however. I'm going to list them below.

1. They like Sylvia Plath.
2. Apparently Matthew is quite the ladies man, and yet:
3. Has kissed Allen Ginsberg for "fifteen minutes."
4. Both are related to Sharon Olds.
5. Both appeared as the twin boy "pre-cogs" in Minority Report.

Like, what?

Here's an awesome moment: Michael describing working on Minority Report.

"Whenever we weren't actually shooting, we would be in our trailers, reading Ted Hughes, and then we would leave and take cabs to bookstores and spend our per diem on poetry. On our days off, we would make coffee in one of our hotel rooms and write poetry all day."

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