Monday, April 06, 2009

Are you a bookslut?

If you're a bookslut in need of something to read, I highly recommend Leanne Shapton's faux auction catalog, Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, including Street Fashion and Jewlery. Through the lot descriptions Leanne tells the story of the four-year failed realtionship between Hal and Lenore. The book is subtle, heartbreaking, and smart. And it's just been optioned by Brad Pitt, for a movie version starring himself and Natalie Portman. I was lucky enough to interview Leanne for Bookslut, a fantastic site dedicated to interviews, reviews, and features on literature . . . read our conversation here.

Bookslut was also kind enough to run my review of Molly Haskell's book on Gone with the Wind, Frankly My Dear, which was really a pleasure to read . . . Haskell gives a refreshing break-down of Scarlett's character and makes a convincing argument for the staying power of the film, even in the face of its less than savory presentation of slavery. Haskell really hones in on the gender studies and sexual politics of the film . . . a must-read if you're interested in the intersection of cinema and zeitgeist.

Thanks to Bookslut, and Happy Reading!


Bookhouse said...

Hey, very belated Congrats on the interview and articles. Cheers

Snobber said...

thanks sweetness!