Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't Bring Around a Cloud

So, after I almost died in Madrid/Paris, I am back in New York, refreshed and revived: and yes, my suitcase and I were reunited. It was a beautiful moment. My little brother was here visiting and he carried him up the stairs like he was a poor, war-broken boy soldier returning from the front. He was battered and will probably never walk again, but what matters is he came back. He came home to me. Cue the last scene in Atonement.

Madrid was absolutely gorgeous. It has none of the pretension or neurosis of Paris, London, or New York. My favorite thing was certainly the weather after a long, bleak winter in New York (which continues). But, really, Madrid is lovely. The people are very friendly and yes, very amorous, even more so than Parisians, I think. I was lucky enough to have my David to speak Spanish since I know none. Highlights included the Reina Sofia, which is the contemporary art museum, and the Prado, which is the big poppa museum. I threw up in their bathroom, which was very exciting. Shortly afterwards, as I was sitting on a bench outside the park, I saw GAEL GARCIA BERNAL. Yes. What was he doing in Madrid? I don't know. But it was him.

Paris is much how I remember her (I went once before when I was eleven with my family). In fact, our hotel next to Notre Dame is still there. I felt really the most ill in Paris, so it was difficult to do anything, really. Phillip tried his best to put up with me, but I imagine it's difficult to understand what it's like not even to be able to drink water without throwing up. I did have one good night. We went to a club called "Social club," and saw this insane electro band, and observed the youth of Paris. There was a group of high school students we christened the T-Birds, and their leader was of course Danny Zuko. They were all dressed like fifties teens, and he was the ringleader: they would all stand behind him on the side of the dance floor. It was strange. Then I met Ellen (or Eileen?), whose outfit was fantastic. Here she is.

Highlights also included le Centre Pompidou and the Louise Bourgeois show, which may lead to a piece on the subject, her work is so fantastic. And of course, there was this lady:

Overall, of course I don't regret my trip to Europe, it was wonderful to see my international friends, and I'm so glad I got to see Madrid. I just wish I had felt better. My last night in Spain made all the throwing-up worth it. There is an atmosphere in the night life of Madrid that I don't know I've ever experienced anywhere else. People in Madrid know how to have fun, and they are freer and less concerned about the status quo. I am happy to be home. I once considered living in Europe but I think New York and I might be headed for a long-term commitment.

Also: in front of the Pompidou, a french teenage girl took a picture of me, presumably to capture my outfit, which featured by two-toned tights from American Apparel. It sort of made my life. I caught her by turning around, to which she giggled and exclaimed, "Sorry!"

In Spain, a boy asked me, "Are you the girl with the Wolf?"

To which I replied, "What?"

"The girl in red, with the wolf!"

"Oh!!! Little red riding hood."

"Yes, are you her?"


Maybe I am. "Things" have been pretty good lately. By the way, I was accepted into the Ph.D. program at CUNY. I am more excited than I have been in a long while, but the financial situation is still a little dicey, so I don't know if I will be able to go. We shall see. I feel that it is a place I could love and do some writing that might actual matter to me and to some other people, too. I got a bonus at work, and my health seems to have returned, albeit with a lot of residual fatigue. My brother was here this past week and it was so good to see him. I am very lucky to have such a sweet boy for a brother. I bought a fantastic revovler necklace in Madrid and I have discovered Goldfrapp's new album, and also MIKA, both of whom I heartily recommend.

And I continue to meet amazing people in New York.
It's good to be home.


m said...

what a lovely mini-travel diary. i'm sorry you were so sick. and CONGRATULATIONS on getting in a phd program, that's fantastic.

i'm in charleston right now, but i'd like to see you when i get back.

jen said...

congratulations on that. but more importantly, congratulations on seeing GAEL!! pitter patter. of course, your phd will likely take you farther.

is this hotel you stayed at by chance the esmeralda?

kat said...

are you the girl with the wolf?

you most certainly ARE.

welcome home, dahhhling.

Snobber said...

thanks everybody :)

j- no, we stayed in the hotel notre dame.

maitresse said...

hey, what program did you apply to? I'm in the English PhD program at the GC.

interesting choice describing Paris (and the very phallic tour eiffel!) as a "she." I always think of it as masculine. But this may be because I think I'm married to it, and as I am relentlessly heterosexual that makes it a man. But you're right: "tour" is feminine.

Paul Pincus said...

I'm such a loyal reader...but I never know what to type...except maybe that your posts always blow me away!

my boyfriend and beagle (gryffin) and I think you look so gorgeous in the shot that begins the post!


Paul Pincus said...
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Snobber said...

you all are too sweet.

especially you, paul. xoxo