Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Horror of Horrors

Well, my vacation turned out to be almost a complete disaster, after a horrid week of food poisoning/stomach flu and a flight cancellation, my luggage is still lost somewhere in London.

Please send all prayers, chants, and positive spiritual vibes to my hunter green American tourister, filled with my favorite outfits, gifts, and fabulous fashion finds in Paris and Madrid which you will never see if he is lost in the endless flourescent hallways of Heathrow airport.

Until then, I am unable to write anything as I am wracked with anxiety. I will leave you with this photo of me in front of Shakespeare & Co., when my suitcase and I were one.


marie said...

oh you poor thing! thats horrible..i will send all my wishes! let us know!

Mary-Laure said...

Oh, I'm disappointed we couldn't get together while you were in Paris!

All th best for your luggage. How can they lose luggage, I always wonder?

Snobber said...

thank you so much for your concern, ladies! i'm happy to report that the little suitcase was returned to me late last night.

mary-laure, i know! i'm so sorry. i spent most of my time in paris writhing in bed. next time!

m said...

i'm so glad it's back1 (i had my fingers crossed for you.) at least your pictures look amazing--you are lovely whilst dying, apparently.

kat said...

yay suitcase! my faith in humanity is restored.