Friday, March 21, 2008

Godard, you drive me crazy

Last Friday I took my brother and his friend Kyle to see Contempt (Le Mèpris, for you Frenchies) at the Film Forum. I am too exhausted to write a complete review of this film, but I will say:

a) It is a movie about Brigitte Bardot's ass
b) It's in color, which was difficult to adjust to (having only seen Godard's other films in black and white)
c) I wasn't aware that it was physically possible to frown as much as Bardot does in this film
d) It is genius
e) Bardot's hair made me miss mine.

Godard is such a mind-fuck. After the film, we schlepped home to Brooklyn. I immediately fell into my bed, and passed out, still in my clothes. I didn't even take off my boots.

Has your lover ever done something, anything, it could be a trifle, where in that moment you become immediately aware that they could care less about you? Or, that suddenly, in that moment, your entire relationship and its future are crystallized in such a way that you know you cannot continue?

C'est le Mèpris.


Anonymous said...

Happy Spring from Louise back home...and of course, Lucy too!

Anonymous said...

I think Natalie Portman's character has that realization at the end of the movie Closer.

Ranna said...

Oh, I love that movie.
Godard is my absolute all-time favourite director. Plus he's the one to blame for my slight Anna Karina obsession.

marie said...

i love it too..especially the stills of the greek gods..and the colours are beautiful!

maitresse said...

oh good lord, I'm feeling fatally frenchie-- I had no idea what "contempt" was until you mentioned "le mépris." dear me.

ps found you through lauren c's site, am so glad I linked through!