Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I frequently transfer trains from Brooklyn (the L train) to the uptown 2/3 in an underground tunnel. There is always the same man there playing "Yesterday" on the guitar. He is, frankly, not a very talented guitar player nor a very good singer, and I have never heard him play any other song.

Today, he was strumming along as I passed by. There was a large group of small children, all dressed in the same color yellow t-shirt, presumably in summer camp, waiting for the second half of their party to get on the train to Brooklyn. As soon as I passed them, they began to sing along with the guitar guy: thirty kids, all under the age of ten, just singing "Yesterday" in the subway, totally unprompted, completely spontaneous.

This is just one of those New York moments.

And then, I come home to this message in my in-box from a college friend I lost touch with:


It has been a very very long time, but I just have to tell you that I’ve read several of your book reviews on Bookslut and I think you are just fabulous. After forwarding your Twilight review to nearly every female I know, I would feel remiss not to let you know how favorably the article has been received (“Hilarious” and “so valid,” being the most common remarks).

Anyway, I hope you keep writing. You certainly have a new fan in St. Louis.


It's been a nice day.

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Anonymous said...

know it must have sounded wonderful all those young voices ; reconnecting with an old friend is good too.. good luck with everything